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Here at Simply Tuscan, we believe that as in love, there are no rules in cooking. To that end, you won’t find any pesky measurements or cooking times here. Our goal is to teach you how to cook the way our mothers and grandmothers taught us. We’ve laid out our recipes in a unique way to help you organize your shopping and navigate your kitchen. Then we get out of the way and let you have some real fun.

1. Pantry & Cold Storage 

How to Use Our Recipes Step 1

If you’ve followed our guide on How To Stock a Tuscan Kitchen you should have all the essential items needed to prepare most of our recipes. We’ve broken them out into the way they should be stored in your kitchen: Pantry for shelf-stable items that can be in your cabinets and Cold Storage for items that require refrigeration.

2. Market 

How to Use Our Recipes Step 2

Tuscan cooking is only as good as its ingredients. We allow ourselves to be inspired by what’s seasonal and fresh on any given day. The items listed in Market are best purchased fresh, day-of. You’ll note bread is always found here: please do yourself a favor and invest in the simple pleasure of fresh bread. We should never find pre-sliced bread in your refrigerator.

3. Like Nonna Would 

We don’t measure out the breadcrumbs in our grandmother’s meatballs. We remember how the consistency felt in our hands. We mix the ingredients. We taste. Not quite right. We add some more. We come out with something even better. We want to empower you with the tools you’ll need to trust your own taste buds, and to abandon your inhibitions in the kitchen and just have fun!

4. Chef's Note 

From time to time Pino has something a little extra to say about a specific recipe. How to serve it, what to serve it with, what not to do! Look for these chef’s notes to make your dish extra special at home.